Established in 1998, Player Piano Mouse Productions has taken the music and publishing industry by storm.  Setting a pace for music publishing unheard of in today's global music market, PPMP has succeeded in doing what few small publishing companies ever do--successfully marketing its recorded music and printed materials to a level which has sustained its ongoing productions.
The competition is fierce, but we have always believed in our products.  Quality has always been our focus.  Authentic production for the sake of art has been our passion.  Because we have maintained a basic philosophy for our creative works our success has followed.  Simply put, we believe that as long as what we produce comes from an organic process of creativity and production our marketability will follow naturally.  
This has and will be our driving force.  Our portfolio demonstrates the scope and breadth of what we've accomplished in only a few short years:


Genentech, Inc.--Biopharmaceuticals:  Bio-oncology--Commissioned 'Keys Of Hope'
One Music--The World's Largest Music Library--Malibu, CA Library--AZ
Crucial Music--Music Library--Los Angeles, CA
Centers For Disease Control--Atlanta, GA--'Both Sides Of The Coin'
American College Of Osteopathic Surgeons--'The Human Factor'
Wisconsin Osteopathic Association--'The Human Factor'
I'm Too Young For This--I', NY--'Art Of Survival', 'Both Sides Of The Coin'
Upland Hills Health--Dodgeville, WI
Noah's Ark Waterpark--North America's Largest Waterpark--Wisconsin Dells, WI--Soundtracks for Noah's Incredible Adventure and Black Anaconda
Stormont Vail Healthcare--Topeka, KS--Keys Of Hope--The Human Factor
Cotton O'Neil Cancer Center--Topeka, KS--Keys Of Hope--The Human Factor
GSW Worldwide--an Inventiv company--Music For Life
The Navicor Group--Music For Life
Universal Music
BMG Music
The Wellness Challenge--The Wellness Challenge Series
Eclipse Multimedia--Documentary soundtracks
Habitat For Humanity--88 Hammer Fund Drive Founder--
Variety Club--Illinois Tent 26
Little City Foundation--Palatine Illinois
Shriners International
Dane County Hospice
Minnesota Public Radio--Prairie Home Companion performer
Wisconsin Medical Society
Apollo's Voice publishing--Gabrielle's Theme and Dr. Adam Dachman featured in 'White Coat Wisdom' by Steven Bussalacchi
Fruit Broadcasting--Richland Center, WI--Morning Show Theme
Novo-Nordisk--Inhibitor Summit 2007--The Human Factor--Keys Of Hope
The Dodgeville Cultural Arts Committee
ABC--Good Morning America, The NBA on ABC
CBN--The 700 Club
Louis Vuitton
Access Hollywood
The Steinway Gallery of Madison
Editor's Choice Music

Waukegan, IL School District



Elementary and Middle School Educational program:  The History of Information Technology seen through the eyes of a mouse and her Doctor pianist.

The Player Piano Mouse:  A children's book introducing Melody, The Player Piano Mouse-tm.  Written by Adam Dachman, Illustrated by Jenniffer Julich.

Echoes In The Canyon:  Solo piano CD by artist Adam Dachman.

Center of My Heart:  By artist Adam Dachman

Keys of Hope-tm:  By artist Adam Dachman

Melody, The Player Piano Mouse clothing, office supplies, school supplies and educational programs.

Player Piano Mouse-tm is a trademark of Player Piano Mouse Productions, Inc.  All rights reserved.