Adam Dachman's story about a young mouse named Melody was born in 1996.  After receiving a delivery of an antique player piano--circa 1922--he went to work cleaning out its insides from decades of dust.  Fate stepped in and Adam discovered the skeleton of a mouse.  At first, he was upset.  After a moment, though, he imagined a musical mouse that lived inside the piano.  Later that week, while biting into a fresh pizza, the cheese stretched away from his first bite.  He looked down at the strands of cheese and had his moment of inspiration.  "Cheese"!, he exclaimed as his family looked at him puzzled.  "A mouse that lives in a player piano and chews holes in the paper rolls to make music!"--"Just like mice chewing holes in swiss cheese"!.  And thus was born The Player Piano Mouse.
Over the years, the story transformed into many different plots, but all maintained the basic premise that a mouse chews neat holes into something that inspires mankind.  Now that's some cheese!
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Simply put, Melody was created by Jenniffer Julich.  With the careful direction of Adam Dachman, Jenniffer interpreted his vision of what The Player Piano Mouse would look like.  She was able to create an original mouse that no one has seen before.  Melody, is the result of countless hours of sketches, discussions and inspirations.  Living with her own collection of furry mammalian pets, Jenniffer resides in Ontario, Canada.  She can be reached via her personal website  Jenniffer is the sole illustrator for The Player Piano Mouse.

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