Shown above is Melody's Theme as written in The Player Piano Mouse book.  The version you are listening to is the full version.  If you practice the piano hard for a long time, you'll soon become very very good at playing!  Never stop!  

After Melody discovered her gift, she was seen dancing for joy!

Remember,  everybody wonders what their gift is.  Even Melody worried that she might not discover her true talent.  Melody's family was famous for many things and they all got stamps made to honor their accomplishments.  Always believe in yourself and think of every day as a chance to find out more about what you are good at and what you love to do.  Someday, you'll discover what you can do that makes you even more special than you already are.

Melody is shown here with her partner, Adam.  You can see they are best pals.  Melody is shown in front of a book that tells the history of player pianos.  The computer monitor in the picture shows today's new digital player pianos.  Things have really changed since Melody's time back in the late 1800's.   


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